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We offer high-quality digital photo restoration, retouching and repair services at affordable prices. We will gladly assist you with our easy, five-step process. Call us (860)295-9544 for assistance.

There was a time when priceless photographs damaged from improper storage, water, fire damage, or age; resulted in the loss of precious family memories. With artistry, skill and dedication Pixel-Pros professionals can repair and restore almost any image to its former glory using state of the art technology, skill and software.

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Mild Restoration For this level of restoration, minimal repairs and restoration is required. Generally, it is things such as repairing small tears or marks on photos, dust spots, brightening or whitening teeth, or removing blemishes, skin wrinkles, etc. Removal of mild creases, spot and scratches while the color, brightness is increased.

Before  Before     After After

Moderate Restoration Includes repair of torn images, stains, removal or color spots, water discoloration and simple removal of objects in the background or a person from an image. Large and prominent marks, spots, creases, stains, scratches are removed from the picture. Simple colonization of black and white images.

Before Before     After After

Extensive Restoration Repair of severe damage such as missing pieces, pictures torn into pieces, pictures stuck to glass from moisture, deep tears and folds, major mold, mildew damage, advanced color fixes, fading of color print dyes ("yellowing,") complex background object removal. Removal of scratches, cracks, creases, stains, water damage in the picture mainly in the face, body parts of the subject and the other features of the photo. Brightness and contrast is adjusted.

Before Before              After After


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